After basic node and express

Hi, i had interest in learning the server side of using javascript. In javascript i have finished till basic data structures…
now i have finished with the basic node and express course… should i skip forward to advanced node and express, or if i should focus on practising what i learned till now, i.e. Or if i should complete javascript sections before moving onwards
any resources if someone can give me a guide would be appreciated

Also i found the basic section of node & express quite easy to understand, whereas in some sections of javascript i really had a hard time understanding the questions and then getting around solving it.

The JS section is essential really

Server side JS is JS after all, and problem solving, algorithms, and data structures are the bread and butter of server side problem solving

IMO you should prioritise the JS section before doing the others

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thank you for replying… i had started with the learnyounode section, will divide my time with that and give priority to the js section. is it alright if i am finding front end section harder to grasp compared to backend section?