Agile DevOps simplified


How do you explain Agile DevOps to your friend with a simple analogy?

OK, let’s take an example of Online Food ordering and delivery process.

Me: So have you used any Online food delivery app before?

Friend: Yes, I have.

Me: Well, then when you order the food, the request goes to the concerned restaurant and a supervisor in the restaurant would plan for the cooking and chefs in-charge would start the food preparation as instructed, right?

Friend: Absolutely.

Me: This supervisor manages all the resources available including Chefs and food ingredients and also priorities all the incoming food orders. Besides, there is also a facilitator who helps organise the work for chefs and addresses their concerns, if any.

Friend: Okay, fine.

Me: So this is how the whole cooking process is planned, organised and executed harmoniously, you see.

Friend: Yeah, I got it. Then what’s next?

Me: As you know, after the food is prepared, it needs quality check done before it’s packed, rechecked and arranged for delivery, doesn’t it?

Friend: Yes, it does.

Me: Here comes the quality team and food packaging team, okay? Quality team checks the quality of the food as per the standards and then packaging team goes ahead with the necessary packing. After the packing, each of the ordered items are checked and put together for delivery pickup.

Friend: Ok fine. Then comes the delivery, right?

Me: Yes, you’re right. The final step is to deliver the prepared food to the respective customer. The delivery team is the one who actually takes care of the delivery.

Friend: Okay, I got it.

Me: See it would also be possible for us to monitor and track while the food is in transit for delivery, right?

Friend: Oh yes, we can.

Me: Finally, after food is delivered, we would also be able to receive the feedback from the customer on food quality, delivery etc., That would help the restaurant to improve on its quality and service in the future.

Friend: Hmmm, yes.

Me: Here if you see, you have completed a full cycle of process from ordering to delivery to final feedback to restaurant.

Friend: Yeah, right.

Me: Now with this example above, you can make the following analogies with DevOps:

Friend: Nice, I think I got it now.

Me: :slightly_smiling_face:


In a nutshell,

  • Agile is a process framework for complex development projects.
  • Scrum is a way of practising the Agile.
  • DevOps is essentially a concept to govern the end-to-end cycle of Continuous Development, Integration, Testing and Deployment with partially or completely automated process steps.

OK, now with this learning, I think you would be able to recognise the basic building blocks of Agile DevOps . Here you go and give it a try.

Agile DevOps Summary
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Note: The sole idea here is to give a very simple explanation in laymen terms and hence for the better clarity and simplicity reasons, certain details are assumed trivial and hence intentionally ignored.

Hope you enjoy reading this. Any feedback, suggestions or inputs are very much welcome. :slight_smile:

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Sure, thanks for your inputs. I appreciate it.

I just trying to implement Agile methodology in my work