Switching to dev role from devops

Ive been working as a software job for about 1.5 years now. In the start i got tasks like write code for api, some services etc. But after about 2 months into my job i was switched to a devops role. I thought why not and got down to it. Its been an year since i switched and i am not liking the position. I want to switch to developer role again but i am finding myself extremely under confident. I mean all my peers know much much more than me and much better than me at development. I dont know. I feel stuck. I am not confident about the switch because why would they want me to switch when my expertise doesnt lie in development. I dont know what to do. :confused:

Can you give us any proof of this?

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I mean they have more practice than me, write better code than me, they know the edge cases much better. It all comes through practice and i dont have a lot of it :confused:
I have a very hard time in asking the right questions that get me to the answer. Its harder to navigate through a problem because the right questions that lead you there are not asked. And hence I get all tensed up about it. :sweat_smile:

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How do you measure this?

When I try to approach something i get stuck in the loop of how to do it exactly and then doing it. I cant seem to figure out the right way to approach something whereas my peers do

So do you do pair-programming all the time at work or how do you get these measurements?

Not pair programming. But in general some code takes more time when i do it is what i mean. I dont have the measurements as such :sweat_smile:

You have much more experience than you did when you got your first developer job, and you did it then. Good luck!


i must say the way you get back to the point and ask again her how exactly she knows that she is not good enough is the best way i have ever seen…