Need some advice, sorry for the long post :D

So, I was working as QA Automation with Java for a company for about 3 years and I wanted to make a change in my career and I wanted a new challenge so a Java Dev role was opened in my team and I applied and got the job things were good and I worked as a dev for about 8 months, until COVID hit and the company stopped hiring and for some reason I was asked to move to a different team where they needed help on the QA side (I was clearly unhappy but didn’t have a choice) seeing that I couldn’t get back to my old role, I decide to quit and got a job as a junior NodeJS dev.
But a really want to go back to a Java dev role, do you guys think is still possible for interviewers to give me a chance?

Hi @alex93 !

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The only way to find out is to start applying for jobs again.

You have 3 years of experience and worked as a java dev before covid.

Why not try and see what happens and then assess the situation from there? :grinning:

I don’t see why not. You have Java experience. Apply for Java jobs.

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Apply! The worst thing they will say is no! And if they do, apply elsewhere! There are employers everywhere looking for devs, you just have to be persistent. Keep your head up :slight_smile: