Web developer to QA

I want to hear other opinions about my situation
I am learning web dev actively for 6 months, I had previous knowledge so I just continued learning, I can say that I have knowledge for junior full stack web developer.
I planned to apply to several companies next month for junior position, but last few weeks I just don’t feel web dev, idk how to explain, I just don’t enjoy anymore like before.

I am googling a lot about QA, I really want to change my career to QA Tester, but what I saw is that most people who were QA started doing programming.

I don’t know how smart and good is this move, but I really want to do something that I like, maybe this is just a bad period, but I really want to try QA
Should I give it a try?

My current understanding of “modern” QA (Quality Assurance) testers is that they write code to test the actual code. So for example, if your a company that produces flight hardware written in C, a QA engineer will verify that code does what it needs to by writing other code to test it, using other C code or even something like Python.

However I’d look more into what this role requires, and maybe “test the waters” a bit with what you can on your own. Its possible you also don’t like that role for whatever reason and your back to where you started, but at least you didn’t spend a tremendous amount of time trying to get a job doing it only to find you don’t like it either.

Good luck!

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I’ll agree with the previous post. I’ve been doing QA testing for a while in my career. When I first started (read 20-something years ago) a lot of testing was manual but more and more it became automated.
Most of the QA jobs in my area are for testers that can write automated test cases. (My last job using Cucumber and Ruby)

Manual testing is still done in some cases but it is not cost effective and it takes a lot of time. Plus you have to rely on the tester actually running all of the scenarios.
With automation, that’s not a concern.