Aspiring QA Tester - necessary skills?

Do I need to finish the whole FCC tree to be skilled enough to look for a job as a Software Tester / QA Engineer?
I’m relatively new to IT, I finished an entry level course on Manual Testing and basic concepts of Agile, Scrum etc. Also I have some basic experience with HTML/CSS/JS and Python. I’m just confused where to go next.
Any help is welcome.

I’m no expert here, but no one else has answered…

It depends on what you mean. I’ve worked with QA people that know almost nothing about coding, but it was there job to go through the app throughly and make sure added features match the mockups and that everything works as expected. They are really good at measuring pixels, checking colors, thinking up edge cases, reading user stories and acceptance criteria, etc.

I’ve also worked with QA people that write things like end-to-end testing scripts. You need to know some basic coding for that to write the script. You also may need to go into the actual code and add locators - you’d have to know some coding to do that (or get a dev to do it for you.)

I’ve also met a QA person that mainly wrote unit tests. I think it’s better to have the dev do this, but if you had to write unit tests, you’d basically need to know enough coding to be a dev.

So, I think knowing how to do some dev work is good, but what level is required will depend on what kind of work you are doing.

This is of course a forum focussed on web dev. You’re free to ask other questions, but this may not be the best place to get the answers you seek. I might suggest looking up a forum devoted to QA, like this, or this.


Hey @programateur I might be 6 months late to reply to your query, but it could help someone else in same position as you.

I work at a company where I’ve got a hybrid role between a QA & DEV. On a day to day basis I’ve got to work sometimes as a manual QA, while other times I work as Automation QA automating the testing of the app & maintaing the automated test suite. And other times, I write backend solutions to automate business flows via C# (that’s the preferred language at my organisation).

So, there are people at my org who are pure Manual QA and there are some who are Automation QA.

People who are into pure Manual testing, usually don’t need to know much coding, some basic knowledge is enough as they’ll be mostly testing the UI and app’s features (front-end) as mentioned by @kevinSmith in his reply.

People who work as Automation QA, usually require some good coding knowledge as they automate the UI and API testing via some automation tools and frameworks. Whenever there are any changes in the app’s UI and features, they make corresponding changes in their Automated Test Suites to accommodate for those changes. This is quite better than just manual testing in my opinion. But it depends on your taste, some people don’t like code, while others like it more.
It won’t always be that you’ll end up only working on automating stuff all day, but rather it’ll most probably be a mix between Automated & Manual testing.

From what you’ve mentioned, it looks like you’ve got the basic skills required for working as an Automation QA. Each organisation will have their preferred language and frameworks and it’ll vary based on the product as the tools and frameworks used to automate the testing will vary.

So, for your question about where to go next, it depends on what you want to work into and where you get a job and the opportunities at the work place.

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