Seeking Advice on Landing a Manual QA Job

Hello Everyone.

I would like to start a career in QA. My goal is to start in manual and transition to automation.

Where should I start to land a job in manual QA if I spend 4-5 hours per day studying?
What tutorials do you recommend?

Currently, I am unemployed, so it would help if someone can give an outline of a gameplan of how I can quickly land a manual QA role.


Hey there,

My first job after getting the FCC front end certificate in 2016 was as a manual QA tester for a small startup. The particular position did not require a lot of experience but having an interest in programming led the company to give me small bits of work doing automated testing pretty quickly. Our company did test driven development(at least a version of it) so this worked as a good segue for me to join the development team. I can share some of my experience.

For manual QA I’d say what seemed most valuable in my job was developing test cases for new features and maintaining good documentation of said test cases so I could go back and do regression testing. The QA team and I all needed to become experts on the product, or at least have good enough documentation to go back and validate the product’s behavior.

I never used any tutorials as a QA person and most knowledge gained was on the job. Our QA dept was a little informal. I think learning to program will help immensely as you will start to understand conditional logic and how programs should flow. This might help you develop an understanding of how to push a product to it’s limits and find edge case errors.

Anyhow, sorry I don’t have any resources. I’d say learning some testing frameworks like Rspec(for the ruby language) and Junit(for java) might help. My experience was that a small startup had need for manual QA and were willing to train.

Best of luck

Hi Matt,

I got an internship as a QA Analyst for a startup in SF. They use the Ruby framework and I will be writing test scripts in Rspec.

What tutorials do you recommend for learning Rspec?