Course Path for SDET/QA Automation/Manual QA

Hi there! Many moons ago I tried out the basic html course because I thought I wanted to be a software developer, but I quickly realized that I do NOT want to design/develop anything. After some time passed, I remembered that I really just like breaking things and figuring out how and why they broke so they can be fixed. I did manual testing at PlayStation for a few years a decade ago and was excellent at it, and I also enjoyed it very much. I would like to get into QA again, except the big boy QA where you make more than a dollar over minimum wage.

I am looking for advice on which course path to follow in order to successfully land a job in QA. Again, I do NOT want to design anything, I just want to break it. I know that I COULD just take every course in every certification, but ain’t nobody got time for that.

Does anyone have recommendations for what path to follow to learn enough to start pursuing QA as a career? I am ultimately interested in learning QA automation/SDET, but am cool with starting my career in manual testing if it will get me in the door. I am especially interested in a path that would help me in Japan as I will be moving there next year possibly indefinitely, and I know they favor different languages than the US to a certain extent.

Thank you very much for your advice!

You can look at the Quality Assurance part of the curriculum, but that requires knowledge that is taught before it.

I’m not so sure “I just break things” is going to cut it as a skill. To do the type of QA work you seem to be talking about you need some knowledge of the underlying technology and whatever languages and systems are used for the automated tests and so on. I’d also suggest learning a programming language (like JS or Python) at least just the basics.

Think of it like this, to be good at demolition you need to know about structural engineering. It is hard to find the weak spot if you do not know where to look.

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Yes, I understand that I will need the basics/knowledge of the underlying technologies in order to test them, hence why I am asking which courses/certificates to focus on so I can learn those basics :slight_smile: instead of devoting 1000’s of hours to the entire curriculum (since each certificate is 300 hours).

But I will look at starting with either JavaScript or Python.

The knowledge required really depends on what you are testing.

Knowing any programming language will make it much easier to learn a new one as they (usually) share a lot of commonalities. So even if you learn JS and then need to switch to some other language you will be in a good position to do so.

I don’t really know much about Japan but I doubt there is that much of a difference when it comes to which languages are popular. I do know Ruby, likely because it was created in Japan, might be more popular than in other countries but that doesn’t mean JavaScript is any less popular.

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