Trying to find a new job in computer development

Hey y’all. I am trying to find a job that can help me start with my experience as a developer. I’m still trying to gain experience in my own time, but I’m worried how long it has been with a gap, along with other jobs I’m taking in addition to obtaining my degree in IT from two years ago. I never had a job in computer development. I tried to get an internship but COVID came and my GPA’s are not great (IMO GPAs are ableist, especially as someone with a disability). I am trying to get back on the grind but in the mean time, what can I do to find a job that I can help me get into coding? Or do I have to continue with making projects in the mean time?

Without any projects to show potential employers its would be almost impossible to find a job. Employers want to see what you can do before they take a chance on you. The best chance to get a job is to have a portfolio filled with a decent amount of projects showing off the range of your skills

Right. I’m trying to recover from all the skills I’ve learned in the past. I’ve known Java, CSS, HTML, Python, .NET, C#, and others but I honestly need to get back to all of the stuff I know of in College. It’s hard to even think of where to go with projects, too.

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