My Situation: Work Experience

This is my story. I have been doing simple web development (HTML, CSS, some action-script) since 2008 as a freelancer. I couldn’t find a job due to the recession, so I became freelancer.After the recession, I tried to get back into the field, but couldn’t find a full time opportunity. They were all mostly contract positions. So I gave up temporarily and decided to look elsewhere. I got a degree in Healthcare Administration and Informatics

But this past 2 years I have rediscovered my passion for web development and IT in general. I have learnt that some my programming skills are transferal to Health Informatics. I have recently learned Python and SQL (picked up SQL from grad school). I have brush-up and updated my skills in HTML and CSS thanks to Udemy and freecodecamp. I am now learning Javascript and data visualization. I have completed many tutorials on Udemy and Freecode camp. I am thinking of getting a certificate from Udacity or team treehouse. My main focus are Front end web development and data Visualization.

But I lack the experience employers are looking for. I am trying to find ways to put my newly acquired skills to use. I have been looking at volunteer for non-profit. I am currently putting together professional portfolio. I am also looking at the possibility of establishing a side gig and maybe a full time business. In short, I am trying to find an alternative way to get the much needed experience that is holding me back.

I would like to get your insights and opinions as to how you would go about addressing this issue. I would appreciate any advice and insights you have to offer. It will really go a long way.

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Hello! I have a story similar to your own. I did web design and dev until 2010, when I ended up having to quite my web dev job because the company invested in Madoff and I couldn’t afford to work for free. Freelanced for a bit but when the economy took another dip in 2011 and my clients vanished, I went into health care for a bit but ended up going back to school. I came out with a web dev degree which expanded my skills and ended up an email dev. These are things that helped me.

Do projects to fill out your portfolio. Employers want to see what you can do.

My resume looks like crap because I rarely had the title of web dev or web designer…That’s okay, highlight the the web dev things you DID at those jobs.

Join meetup groups and other coding groups. this is invaluable. You will be able to show others what you can do and when they are hiring they will think of you.

Apply when you can say you can do 60% of a job posting. Job postings are mary poppins wish lists, and are rarely rooted in reality.

Have your linked in account filled out with what you know. Link everything to it.

Join Dev slacks and chat rooms, help people, contribute.

These don’t have to be professional items though they help. What you can do is more important than who you’ve worked for. Create a github account and load projects there, get your portfolio full of code samples.

Job experience is what you make it in this industry. Good luck!


@kaderinto I seen you mention about Udacity or Team Treehouse. I’ve done both and I would recommend Team Treehouses TechDegree’s over Udacity.

Udacity’s curriculum doesn’t properly prepare you for the projects you will be given whereas Treehouse does.

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@kaderinto Do you have a portfolio or github account with projects yet?

I do have portfolio site, But it is mainly built with HTML, CSS. I also built 1 PHP website for a friend but it is old and outdated. I have recently done just 2 projects with Python posted on github. I will be adding more.

Here is link to my portfolio:
Here is github: