Getting back into web development

Hi all,

I have a BSc in web development but did not code in years. Now I am trying to get back into web development as my career as a technical consultant stopped, and the opportunities I currently have are only low-paying jobs.

My knowledge from my education was orientated toward full-stack web development, Vue.js, and Laravel among many other things. Currently, I am lost, I do not know what to focus on, or what should be my goal/what position I should aim for.

I would love to work back end, on challenging projects, keeping in my security, data transfer, etc. Doing something I feel like is very important, but I think that in order to get there it takes 10 years of experience.

So I will start from the beginning with HTML, CSS, JS… I will try to get a customer support job, so I can pay my bills and mortgage while I learn front end. When I get a junior front-end job, I will try to learn the back end again, so that I can get a full-stack job. That is in case I do not decide to stay in the front end, and specialize in mobile development or something else.

I am asking for any advice, suggestions, tips, or maybe even help with getting an internship, I had a 6 month internship in PHP but it stopped when the virus hit, and I got discouraged after that. My dad died, and I could not find a job, needed the money, so I accepted a technical consultant job and worked in that position for almost 3 years.

Now I am at 0 again, with no money left with bills and mortgage, can not find a technical consultant job, and without enough knowledge for a web development job.

This is my LinkedIn account if you wish to connect - savabezanovic

Thank you! Sava Bežanović

Welcome to the community!

I offer my condolences for the loss of your father. It is difficult.

Are you familiar with the website? It is for freelancers to work in various fields. Maybe something like that could help you while you are reaquainting yourself with coding.

I wish you and your family the best.

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Thank you.

I did make an account on Upwork, but it only allowed me to apply to two or three jobs, and I did not receive a reply from those. Will check it out again to see if I can apply to more now, after some time passed.

Will check out Fiver as well, I live in Serbia.

I hope that one of the jobs you applied for comes to you soon.
Fiver is a good idea, too, as you stated.

I am new to coding.

I did a search to see if I could find something to suggest to help you get your skills knowledge out for hopefully good employment, or freelance jobs.

Best of luck and good wishes, @Sava_Bezanovic_97


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