Looking for jobs/projects

During my CS graduation, I started learning HTML, CSS and JavaScript. After graduating, I get a few projects through my friend (freelance graphic designer). With that success, I started applying on fiverr and got some projects there.
But projects were not regular and equal to very small amount and also I didn’t get any success on other platforms like upwork, freelance.
As I was close to loosing hope, I see an opportunity. Facebook was offering free training, and in short I got scholarship for front-end developer path at openclassrooms.
Last month, I graduated from the path. I prepare my CV and started applying for jobs. I have 0 response until now. I’m at stage now that side projects don’t interest me anymore. I want real work, let it be a job or freelance. Since last week, I have strong feelings that I’m doomed. I wont get any job or work and I should reconsider what I have to do.
I’m 26 and It has been 1.5 years since my graduation from college. Since than I make just pocket money and it has been months since I have done project for client.
I need practical advice and resources to carry on myself.
Github: hassanraja447
LinkedIn: rm-hassan

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Hey Hassan,

I understand your situation because I have also been freelancing for over 4 years now and I never got any job on major freelance websites like upwork. Most of the works I have done are mainly local referrals and also did some full time jobs in between.

I will advice you to stay strong and try to build something that could solve a problem which people can access online, you will learn from it, make money from it and eventually grow it into a company. I personally have a blog (locaatunes.com) and I am building a web application that i can use to apply business startup programs funding. So as a web developer there are several ways you can make money online.


Getting a solid full time job is highly dependent on your location, I’ve found remote jobs to be VERY competitive. So if that’s what you’re trying to get, that’s probably why you’re having no luck. With that being said, you should look for team projects/large gigs to work on. Get with local small businesses. Don’t offer to create them a website… I think that ship has sailed. But instead for example, find a small business which requires logistics, supply & inventory management etc, things like that. Study their trade and provide them with a software based solution - using electron would be great since you’re comfortable with web languages.


I want to make money online too and have not had success. If someone can email me some advice that would be amazing free2bworkfree@yahoo.com