Need some advice for career, business and growth opportunities

Hello everyone,

I only html and css as of now and still working more consistently to learn javascript.

I really love anything about technology and want to be part of the continous innovations year by year and have an impact.

I want to be better on mobile app, artificial intelligence, blockchain and full stack.

Aside from High Paying Job, I want to build a software/platform service or product that can be very useful to the society and still on a progress on learning more ideas.

I want to prioritize first on getting a job after I learned more languages before starting a business.


  1. Looking for advice on what sites should I keep looking for job consistently?

  2. Networking Advice and aside from this forum, what are the other resources that I can network with for more opportunities?

  3. Tips on how to find and connect with a recruiter on big companies

  4. Is linkedin the best site to find a tech startup company that I can apply for?

  5. Recommended sites aside from upwork for more opportunities on freelancing.

It seems like you’ve done some good work and it is admirable that you have the dedication to go through this path.

From the experience you have explained above, I would suggest you start by building up a few projects or mini-products for practice, any tech stack you want to use go for it whatever you find the most suiting and create some websites even on localhost or some “free hosting”. I do mean anything from basic html+css+js, wordpress, wix whatever you can where you can apply the knowledge you have to make it a custom solution.

After you complete your first 3 projects on your own try to make gigs on fiverr or similar sites, you can search for them for example (linked-in alternatives, or upwork alternatives, fiverr alternatives) try offering a simple and short service for building a basic website or e-mail template and link your already completed projects so that customers can see that you know how to do these kind of tasks. You want to start off small so that you don’t get overwhelmed with complexity and frustration. (Its also easier to sell a very specific service)

Continue on learning and expanding your skillset while trying to find new gigs to complete and that should give you a good start to fulfilling your first orders and learning more about ins and outs of product development.


The suggestion to start by building projects or mini-products is spot-on. Hands-on practice is the best teacher, and experimenting with different tech stacks can be both fun and educational.

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Gigs on platforms like Fiverr are indeed a great way to showcase your skills and gradually build your portfolio. It’s all about taking those initial steps, and starting small is key to avoiding overwhelm. By the way, have you checked out It might offer some interesting insights or ideas as you continue your learning journey.

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Great Post. keep it up