Some tips for a beginner freelancer

I am practicing html/css and now working on JavaScript (I am still new to javascript). So as i learn i was looking for find some gigs to do online so when should i be ready to start doing the gigs? And what are the lists of languages I need to learn well before i start looking for free lance gigs?

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Hi there! Speaking from personal experience. I’m in the exact same boat. Since I’m also a university student freelancing has been twice as difficult for me, but I suggest you do “easy” freelance work. I started out with helping people setup their Wordpress sites. Wordpress is a very easy platform for people like us, not so much the general public. So if people are willing to pay you to install and implement some themes and plugins into their platform, do so! Then as you’re doing so, try to see the code behind some of the plugins or pages, and if your customer wants a very specific quality (like a carousel, or extra sidebar) try to see whether you can actually code it into the page using HTML/CSS rather than just installing a plugin. If it looks good, great! If not, you can still save yourself with that plugin and customize it later.

Also don’t just get into HTML/CSS/JavaScript. The best front end developers understand their clients needs. Focus more on your business pitch, and how you will be able to explain to clients how X feature will convert to Y viewership or $$. You should keep in mind not just the things your client wants, but needs. Also, learn internet marketing on the side, and you will be that much more valuable.

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Alright thanks a lot for your support and i definitely agree with the online marketing thing! Also besides asking around local business I would also like to look for easy tasks online so do you think you can suggest me some places where i can look for some small easy (its okay if it pays less) jobs i can look for online?

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craigslist is a great place to advertise your abilities.

As for languages or stacks to focus on, if you’re very serious about wordpress I’d attend meetups and learn javascript, jquery, php and of premium wordpress plugins.

If you’re serious about front end/full stack development, go MERN or MEAN. (Mongodb, Express, reactjs/angular, node js)

Use hackreactor to get your skills up to par.


You can study on video reviews, everything is explained clearly there. I studied so, later I bought a book and worked on it.

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