Can I start doing freelance jobs with html, css and js knowledge? Help!

Hi! I’m Flor and I’m 22. I’ve been learning html and css for a while now (js too but I fell that my knowledge is pretty basic in that area, but i’m learning) and I would like to start doing some freelance jobs as a web developer but a have NO CLUE how. All info that you can give me will be great!
The only thing that I have to show you of an example of what I can do are the chalenges of web desing proposed by freecodecamp.
I can do a little bit more complex stuff, specially with js (I stick to the rules of the chalenges that were given). Do you think that with what I can do is enough??

Thanks in advance for the answers !!

I think you’re off to a good start – your tribute page is especially nice – but you still have a way to go before going freelance. I would suggest you keep going with the FCC curriculum, since later projects will test your javascript skills.

Additionally, look into hosting your projects on github pages or codesandbox rather than codepen. There’s nothing really wrong with codepen, but you’ll find it very limiting as your projects get bigger.

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Thank you very much for the honesty!
Yes, I’m still doing the ffc curriculum and also watching the videos on YouTube to complement.
I’ll keep going :slight_smile:

I would say that depends on the level of your skills. For example, if you know your way around WordPress or Joomla, you could start implementing websites.

You don’t need to much technical skill to do so. A lot of it comes down to knowing how to implement things on the different platforms. Since you already know some HTML, CSS, and JS, you could make the changes that people without any programming knowledge, or similar, can’t.

There is a large group of people who build websites for clients that way without being developers. It would also allow you to deal with some real-life problems and start building a portfolio. Plus, you would start learning stuff about finding clients, invoicing, and other parts of being a freelancer.

In my experience, it’s doable.

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I’m really learning here because I am also willing to make a living out of my skills.

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Of course, you can. I started freelancing even when I wasn’t familiar with javascript. You’ve got to know how to search google about your problems, wisely. That’s all you need to remember. Other than that, as long as you can code html, css & javascript, you’re good to go. Just show the clients your solutions to their problems.


That’s amazing. Good luck to us!

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Yes, when I’m practicing with js a lot of times it comes down of what and how do I google.

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