Starting Freelancing

I want to ask that can i start freelauncing while just knowing HTML CSS and Javascript??? :thinking:

It’s not always what you know, but how well you know it that’s important.
Why not try it and find out what kinds of jobs you get? You can decline the ones that require knowledge you don’t have, or that you think may be too complex to complete. There’s nobody ordering you to take on a job.

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Working on a freelance platform can be challenging, and it depends
on how you market yourself and find clients. Finding HTML/CSS work
is difficult as these skills are hugely competitive.

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Freelancing for me has not been about going into the wild and bidding for work. I am an entrepreneur by nature and nurture. I like looking to see where I can add value. That means looking at businesses around me and thinking: what does this business need that I can use the tools I have now to add value?

Many developers are waiting for the jobs to come to them. But a lot of businesses don’t know if they even need a website or a better landing page and how that can contribute to better sales/client turnup.

Think in terms of business and you will see business all around you. Approach small businesses, mom n pop shops especially those you buy from and actually understand. If you wait for jobs to come to you, you will have to battle with the 1001 other developers who are waiting for business online and your value will not be much.


I started freelancing in marketing with knowing absolutely nothing about it! With patience and perseverance, you can climb the mountain! You can find different courses and training in the network.


Freelancing isn’t just about coding and things, freelance is basically a field where you can work almost everything you want, by knowing some basic things

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