What job with HTML and CSS only?

I’ve been studying html and css for a while and I’m currently studying Javascript but I also need to make some money so… can anyone tell me if there are any jobs that I can do with html and css only?

It seems that building email templates, customizing wordpress websites and also building websites (I could use css animations to make them less dull) could be an option.
What do you think? Is there a good market for these skills?
Any suggestion will be much appreciated!!!


if you are really good in html and css you can do freelance work , you can earn enough money there .


I heard it is possible to find job with only HTML and CSS but you have to be really good at it, you have to know semantic HTML, CSS [flexbox, grid, box model and variables] and Browser Dev Tools, all of these very well.


Hey Gunjan! I have looked for gigs at upwork and freelance but they all seem like you need more than just html css and javascript. I must be searching it wrong there?


It’s really hard to get a job by knowing just HTML and CSS. It’s not that they aren’t valuable, but its that they require more than just the HTML and CSS. Like, they would have you design a website for them but they would also expect you have a good of knowledge of Javascript and also at its framework(e.g, React or Angular). So, knowing just HTML and CSS will cause you to have a hard time in finding a job. I would recommend you learn the fundamentals of Javascript and then pick one of its frameworks. Focus on HTML and CSS though, but having knowledge of Javascript today is a must in this field. Good Luck!


@Gunjan @fbclh Can you make some example of jobs please? What I did find are freelance gigs that I could do just to start doing something in the field. It would help me a lot knowing that there are better opportunities.

@Craze7 Just learning the fundamentals of javascript and then a framework is enough? I’m studying it right now but I hoped to start doing something a bit earlier!

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Actually you won’t have a hard time if you apply for the right job:

Email Developer

Email developers work only in CSS and HTML, cause there is nothing else technically. And they are in high demand because you have to really know HTML (from 4 - 5 and in some archaic cases 3). You have to make emails look good with out much CSS and with all your code in one doc. Eventually you can get more advanced with Javascript, Proprietary frameworks, and SQL. In house you also get to do some analytics work. YMMV.

I can name a few places that are looking, but there are lots of these jobs out there.


The other upside is that there is not a lot of us so we have a lot of support for each other.

Where are you looking and I can point you to places that may be hiring in your area.


As web dev sure…but that’s not the only job out there.

Well from what I have seem the “rule” or the pattern is this, the more you build things and know [of course you do not need to know everything] the better are your changes of finding work opportunities.

So knowing only HTML and CSS is possible if you are really good at it as I said. I heard that from a dev which I respect a lot.

If you want to increase your changes of finding work opportunities, learn basic vanilla JS and [React or Vue or Angular]. And I would add [SASS or LESS], Git and GitHub and also [Bootstrap or Materialize].

If you get familiar with those and have created a couple of projects with them, then you have much greater change of finding work opportunities.


Try to learn with HTML & CSS JavaScript (it’s a must nowadays) in order to get some chances finding jobs and good luck.


This is wonderful! Thank you so much for sharing this! :star_struck: I had a look and there are job offers indeed, even remote jobs (I’m looking for a remote job :grinning: )!


The hardest thing is building everything in tables like we used to do for websites (oh the 90s). But one day, when MS finally drops Outlook desktop, we will be free from that.

I currently work remote, just like web, it’s harder to get a remote job as a junior but it is possible.

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Thank you Winas! I’m still studying indeed… :grinning:


I did a quick search and it looks that there are indeed good resources to get you started. I’ll remember what you just told me about tables and Outlook desktop!
I’ll try this path for sure.
Thank you again for pointing it out.

@Tirjasdyn you said it’s more difficult to get a remote job but for what reasons? Is it just because there are less opportunities?

For any junior dev, whether it is email, web, or software, it is harder to get a remote job. Many companies want juniors onsite for at least a time to learn the ropes. Many companies still don’t trust remote as well cause they can’t or don’t understand how to watch you.

It’s not impossible just difficult because of the nature of corporations.


You definitelly can get a job with great HTML & CSS (and basic JS) knowledge. Even on large projects. We utilise such developers very much, the position is called a “Coder” and what they do is basically that they create presentational styled components (templates) that we then use in React projects. Usually you will need to know some css framework: Stylus, Less, Sass, styled-components, JSS to name a few. Even a very basic knowledge of these frameworks is sufficient as it’s just css, only with slightly different syntax and perks. Also I would recommend learning JSX syntax for HTML in JS. It’s no magic, don’t worry.

Also if a company doesn’t list this position specifically, but they do have job openings for JS devs, you can ask them and offer them this type of work. Companies often don’t realise they need such developers, but if you make them ask their devs, they would definitelly agree to have such job openings.

One dev + one coder is in my opinion much more efficient than two devs. One doesn’t simply excell at everything.


@fbclh @Tirjasdyn @ackvf Thank you so much for such valuable knowledge! :innocent::innocent: :star_struck: It’s so useful to have these info about how corporations think, especially because I’m not in the field yet.

@Tirjasdyn how did you start working from remote? Did you already have experience?

Attempt to learn with HTML and CSS JavaScript (it’s an unquestionable requirement these days) so as to land a few shots discovering positions and many thanks.

I did have experience but also got in with a company where remote was the norm. Which helped. Previously remote was only allowed at the company I worked before the last one…so two jobs ago? After several months and then only one or two days a week.