What job with HTML and CSS only?

Look into digital marketing. I worked as an HTML email developer for a while. You just need to know basic CSS and HMTL. That’s it!


oh yeah and how was it. and for which company did you work for

If you can name some of those few place that would definitely help me also because am in the same case. Thanks

I loved it! I eventually moved on to become a Web Developer after I learned JavaScript but I learned a lot. I worked at Mywebgrocer before they were acquired by Mi9retail.

What is an HTML email developer?

@Chriso @revlent Thank you very much. Very interesting! :smile:
It really seems a good choice.

Anyone could drop some input on where to look for an email dev job?
I’m currently aiming for a Front End job once I learn React but the soonest I get my feet into the business the better.


Its much easier for you to specialize in Wordpress Development thats a huge market. Thats where your HTML and CSS will come in handy


I’m coming across this comment of yours like a year later, but was wondering if you still had an “in” with the email developer community. I’m looking for opportunities to put what I have already learned (HTML, CSS, Javascript) to good use and, with the world like it is right now, I’d love to start finding new opportunities.

I live in Florida, by the way.

me too please im interseted in working remotely

Would you happen to know of anyplace hiring in NYC?

Hi, do you know any companies in the Los Angeles area that hire email developers? And do you know what other skills employers want with email developers? Im taking Nucamp coding classes, and I got HTML and CSS down. Javascript, I’m completely loss. I fell like their’s no way I can learn this.

Hi Tirjasdyn. Can I also get an idea of places to apply too?
Currently looking out for places. I have done html and css and about to start javascript. Thanks

To those wondering if there are jobs with just HTML and css, check the link above