Is only HTML-CSS Jobs real?

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I am curious if there are any (only) html-css based jobs (remote) ? I almost finish FreeCodeCamp HTML/CSS course and it seems I can do it quite well, so I was wondering before I start JS if I could actually get some job and also make myself more experienced with my html-css ??


I am interested in this as well. I assume it would be a Frontend dev job and most likely involve some other aspects but would love to know if mostly html/css jobs do exist.

No, I don’t think that is a realistic expectation. Those are fairly basic languages, for people learning web, they are the first thing you learn. And the level taught by FCC is really just a taste, a starting point.

I did meet one guy that was a CSS specialist, but he was also a designer. There are a few jobs here and there, I’m sure. One place might me building email templates. But there is (I assume) so much competition for those types of jobs by people in countries with low costs of living, that they would pay very little.

There might be little pick up jobs on fiver and upwork. I’d go there and see what jobs ghere are and what people are bidding. And search regular job sites. Those will give you and answer. We don’t have access to some secret job site.

I mean, anything is possible. The real question is what is probable.

Realistically, to get an entry web dev position, you want the HTML, CSS, JavaScript, a modern view library (React, Angular, etc.) and the supporting libraries, and a little bit of backend and DB. That with some decent projects starts to tip the scale to the probable side.


I was expecting the same kind of answer TBH it is hard but it’s possible… I never used Upwork, is it realistic to start there without any history?

like @kevinSmith says, only html email template developer.

HTML emails require old style css layouts (i.e. table layouts). You’ll be writing css like it’s 1999 and you won’t be using modern standards. You’re working with email clients, not browsers, and email clients do not use modern web standards.

So those jobs are a dead end and not even a good opportunity to develop css skills.

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If you wish to land job only with HTML + CSS skills then Product Designer is also a great career choice as they are high in demand and less in supply but for that you need to achieve some additional skills related to Product Designer role.

Check out JD for this role and as well search in YT for more info.

All the very best.

How else do people get started? You bid low, get someone that doesn’t want a lot of money, you do a good job, get a good review, work your way up the food chain…

But unless you live somewhere with a low CoL, I don’t think you’re going to make much doing just CSS work.


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