HTML/CSS (no, or little, JS) jobs

I was wondering if anyone here has had any experience with any jobs that require html and css, but not JS. I’ve seen some YouTube videos talking about getting the foot in the industry by doing jobs like “email development” and other things that just require html/css skills but not much, if any, JS.

If that is your area of interest, rather than think in languages, think in “spheres.”

The sphere you’re asking about is presentation, rather then interaction. Or minimal interaction. Sounds more like a design then development track, and yes - UI design and graphic design are alive and well.

Be prepared though - because the requirements aren’t as exacting, the starting pay difference may surprise you. Html/css/js pays significantly higher than html/css, in general.

Yup that type of work is usually web design, and usually requires skills in other areas too (i.e. Adobe’s programs - Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign, and/or XD).

Email development roles do exist, but are a very limited market and aren’t going to pay much, as mentioned. If you don’t want to do web development, the only viable alternative is web design.

I should clarify. I am still interested in web development and that is my goal. I’m not a creative type so web design is probably not for me. But the reason I’m asking is because I thought an html/css job might be a better intermediary job compared to what I’m doing now which is minimum wage.

Yes, there will be some companies somewhere that just need someone to work in HTML/CSS, but they’ll be few and far between. Take designing emails for example: most companies just use a service (MailChimp for example), grab a template, done. If the person picking the template already has copy and some images, it’s a five minute job, if that.

As said, knowledge of HTM/CSS is normally combined with some other skill (eg a designer who can produce mockups from their designs in HTML/CSS). HTML is a way to mark up text so that it can be displayed in a browser: it’s kind of an implementation detail, on its own it’s pretty useless, just knowing HTML doesn’t really give you anything. CSS, as it provides the actual visual look, is something where specialisation happens. But in the majority of jobs it too is something of an implementation detail. 15-20 years ago, before tools were as mature, maybe companies needed people with just those skills (though I still don’t think it was terribly common), now you’d be extremely hard pressed to make a living wage from them.

You’re overwhelmingly more likely to make a living wage in a job that allows you enough free time when you’re not at work to study than you are to find a job that pays you more for just HTML/CSS

Edit: just to clarify, HTML/CSS are very useful from a learning perspective, but IRL there isn’t really a path where companies 1. hire someone who only knows how do that then 2. graduate them to using a programming language. Companies generally don’t need 1, they are in the business of making money.

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