Should I apply for a UI/UX job?

Hi all, so I’ve just recently started the FCC begginers course in HTML and so far so good. There’s an opening for a UI/UX Designer job at work and I’m wondering if I should apply for it, will it be a good foundation for me in my new planned career path of a developer or is it going to waste my time?

as much as designing and developing overlap they requires much different skill sets
for being a Web Design you need to design the page, choose colors, spaces, layout and stuff. Often web designers use an image editing tool to design the page and then give the image to someone else to convert to a web page.

you could apply, but is that the kind of job you want?


Thanks for putting it like that , no that’s not the kind of job I want, I want to code. It’s definitely not going to lead me to the path that I want. Thanks for your feedback.

**front end developer **
ui engineer

are the jobs you’re looking for.

since you’ve just started and are looking to break in without going through webapps or javascript (from what i can tell from your post)…

it may be best to shoot for email developer as a nice entry with your current knowledge.

there’s a lot of companies that need formatted emails using html/css (especially with media queries for older companies that don’t use esp services).

good luck!


I didn’t even think of email developer, I’ll look into that. Thank you for the information.