Should i focus on email development or JS

Im looking to become a freelance web dev , and I believe now im proficient enough in html/css and ready to move on to the next phase , im conflicted whether to start learning email development so i can atleast guarantee a career in this field while studying JS , coz i heard you just need to know html/css to become a email developer , or do you recommend that i go ahead with JS i forget about email development?

Don’t do email development. When you have learned programming then you can start own project. Freelance is just for some quick money.

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Well thats what im looking for a quick income

Build your own dreams , or someone else will hire you to build theirs.

I mean, this is a tiny, tiny job market. This is basically a solved problem. There aren’t loads of email developer jobs. Generally the person needing an email just goes on (eg) MailChimp (or whatever their provider is) picks a template that looks nice, maybe adjusts the colours and adds some pictures and a logo. It doesn’t need a developer most of the time, it just needs someone to click through a GUI for five minutes. If it needs something more structured, a developer can do it, but it’s not exactly a complex task. It’s incredibly unlikely that you’ll get a job as an “email developer”.