Thanks FreeCodeCamp! I got my first developer job

Hi everybody. I just want to thank to Quincy Larson for have been created this amazing platform and community. I started this journey on February of 2016 without any previous programming knowledge, and I got my first job as a Front End and Email developer with a digital and marketing agency. Thank you very much FCC!


Congrats! Email was (and still is) my first developer job too, table based layouts ftw


Congrats fellow Montrealer :slight_smile:

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Congratulations fellow camper.That's what we love to hear.Success stories,awesomeness. I am currently learning as much as I can so I can eventually launch my start-up.Thank you for sharing.


Are you doing Edm as well? course me too.

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Thank you very much Gwesolo.

Thank you very much!!

Thank you rugano. Yes, has been a difficult, but at the same time rewarding journey. And of course, I’m constantly learning. All the best for you!!

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Do you mean electronic dance music?If yes, not really. I make music for video games, indie films and some corporate videos.

Oh, I mean html email, since you are a email developer.

Congrats @yirini!!! :grinning::rocket:

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Oh, sorry. Yes, basically the job is about developing html emails and landing pages.

Thank you very much tropicalchancer

no need to sorry lol, btw, congrats! all the best!

Congrats. Do you have a portfolio site we can see? I like to gauge my progress by comparing we’re I’m at in terms of skills with where people who are getting hired are at.


Congratulations, would you be able to show us your portfolio? As I too want to apply soon, would be nice to see some other portfolio’s.

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Congrats :slight_smile:

Hi mayurpande. I’m sorry for the delay. Well actually I have 2 portfolios. I made 2 because I just want to test my skills and keep improving those skills with the time. Of course the design of those portfolios are not so great in my opinion, so now I’m creating a new portfolio since I’ve been working on some personal projects that I want to include.
This is my actual portfolio(created using HTML5 and CSS):
and this is the old one(created using bootstrap):


Thank you very much.

Thank you Nicknyr.
You will see that I shared the 2 portfolios that I’ve created.