Got my first developer job!

Hey Fellow Campers!

I am proud to announce that I have accepted a job as a full time developer. I start next month! What a way to celebrate the holidays!

I have been dreaming of writing this post for a very long time! After reading success stories on the freeCodeCamp forum, I had always wondered how long it would be before I had a success story of my own.

I started freeCodeCamp almost 2 years ago, completed my Frontend Certificate along with some Udemy courses. Mostly learning back end (MERN stack) and some additional libraries.

I wanna say thanks to all the success stories, my coding friends from my local freeCodeCamp group and everyone I’ve met throughout this journey for helping me succeed in becoming a developer. It’s still surreal to think all of this hard work has finally paid off!



I’ve read the whole post… Can you put link to your portfolio if that’s ok with you?

Congrats on the job and a great post too. Can you share your portfolio? also, a snap shot of your daily tracker/excel sheet?

Hey guys. Unfortunately, I am opting not to share my portfolio or any screenshots at this time. However, I am happy to answer any questions that you guys might have.

I appreciate your efforts to share it with us. May I also see your portfolio. I am building up a new startup based on programming languages. I need some talented people to make up this startup a better place to work with.

Reach me at - Sarkari Naukriya
Sarkari Naukriya

I am trying to build up portal for job notifications.