Got a Developer job today

Showing portfolio to the employer worked for me. I had applied for the job two days earlier for the developer post and yesterday got an interview call. I am really happy that I am part of this platform and it provided me hands on experience of real time projects. Thank you @freeCodeCamp


Congratulations! Your hard work has paid off! :cake:

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Contgats Amjad. At what stage are you with freecodecamp. Can you put more perspective on what you have learnt so far and what the job requirements are etc.

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Also, let us know how they job goes. I love hearing story’s about that. CONGRATULATIONS!!!

Thanks everyone. @gariki I am about to complete advance algorithm section. I had played with many languages like php, java & c#. I was somehow week in front end development that’s why I wasn’t able to get any job couple of months ago. I signed up on FreeCodeCamp in the month of May 2016. After that I was continuously working on Javascript, html, css & jquery. In this period just coded couple of projects. Before this I had developed a sports web store in Asp .Net MVC. My job duties would revolve around developing applications in asp .net & Angular. If needed I will move on with node.js. I am still learning. Projects are the main thing that interests employers and they start to question regarding what we have developed in past.

Congrats! Always nice to see the hard work on there paying off for people

This post is very uplifting to me and gives me High Hopes with using the free code camp. I have a degree in web development, but I feel like my online school did not prepare me for the workforce. Lately, I’ve been using online resources like,, and a few others. Hopefully, I will be able to make a post like this in the months to come.

Hi! Great job!!!