I got a job as a web developer after 7 months of freecodecamp---UPDATED!

I would like to let everyone know that it is totally possible to get a job as a developer even when you don’t have College or any prior experience. Now I will say after about a month or two of freecodecamp I started freelancing on upwork and just took super simple jobs but that was enough experience for a company to want to hire me… I also used to work on Shopify and Weebly websites for my own personal use but with a builder not coding them. So I was able to tell my employer now that I have built websites before.
About the job:
My job as a developer is actually really easy, especially after freecodecamp. I work on WordPress platform having no prior experience on WordPress one day to learn how to work WordPress better but after that I got the hang of it. Most of my job, I’m not actually coding I’m using Wordpress’s Beaver Builder program to create the website. Then if there’s little tweaks that the company once changed I will go into the code and edit certain things.
The company I work for is a pretty small company and I am their main it guy overall, I have my own office, the environment is pretty laid back and I make great money compared to previous jobs! Doing freecodecamp is totally worth it and it is very possible to get a job even without College or much experience. I would definitely advise anyone to keep going with freecodecamp!

-------------------UPDATE SINCE I"VE BEEN WORKING FOR 2 MONTHS NOW: -------------

So I’ve had my developer job now for about 2 months and its been great! I’ve built them a pretty robust website, startede email marketing for them, and have learned more in web scraping and automation expanding my skills now to learning a little of Python, Ruby, And Php. Now i am no where near an expert in these other languages but knowing the basics of java script has made it ALOT easier to learn and be able to navigate other languages. I have also learned alot in computer networking because of the nature of working at a small business, they have had me set up their work network used for file sharing. Also I am currently dabbling in cyber security for them and have learn how to operate Kali Linux for this to test their systems for cyber attacks(hacking). This has been an incredible experience and journey and I couldn’t have expected better!


Congratulations! Really happy for you and I hope your development career goes well! You must be learning so much. Please do share what you are learning on the job - It would be very enlightening for the rest of us who are trying to make it into the industry.


That is awesome. Keep improving your skills so that you can progress out of Wordpress and into a more coding role. Don’t get complacent in you skills.

I’m glad you are getting the experience which you will be able to spring into other opportunities.

Congratulations :slight_smile:

Glad to hear that.

Congrats! Sounds like a cool job.

whats your salary, bruh?

18 an hour plus commission from email marketing campaigns I do for them.

That’s cool, I was wondering if my growing portfolio of Wordpress sites has any use for the future job search. Which country?

Maybe a little but I wouldn’t think that you need tons of Wordpress sites. You just need a portfolio of projects that you have actually coated yourself. That’s all I had getting this job. I’m working on the Wikipedia app now and then I also had some side projects of my own. I wouldn’t think that you need tons of Wordpress sites though. Not to mention WordPress is also built in PHP primarily so you would have to learn PHP to be able to code on WordPress sites. I have coded a little bit in my new job but just little tweaks here and there

Congrats on the sucess.

What kind of jobs were you taking on upwork? I was thinking of doing that too but not sure what can I say I can do…

Congratulations, and good luck.

I was wondering how did you get your profile approved on Upwork? I submitted my profile for a web developer and got rejected. Can you please share a few details on that? Thanks!

Honestly I just took simple simple jobs. Install Facebook pixels, build a 5 page WordPress site for a few hundred bucks. (I did that Wirth a free plug in on WordPress called Beaver Builder to create pages) I also looked up on w3school.com and used the how to tutorials. Anything that was on there, I felt comfortable making.


I don’t really know what you mean. They wanted to confirm my skills and stuff like that but that was it. They wanted a phone interview in that process.

Congratulations! Thank you for the Inspiration!

that’s great. goo to know.

Congratulations on getting your first job. Onwards and upwards from here and good luck for the future.

I mean, did you have any prior experience that got your profile accepted? I applied stating I’m a beginner and got a message saying they " freelancers with a similar skillset to yours and we cannot accept your application."

That is so inspiring! Good for YOU!

I just wanted to thank you Adamlaskowski for your post. This is totally inspiring and encouraging to me. I could not have come across a more important post to me right now. I really want to be a developer. I am a beginner also with no formal collage degree or training in the field but I really love coding. I mean to the point where I find myself able to sit at my computer all day and night with no notice to the time at all. I don’t recall ever experiencing that in prior endeavors. Thank you! and again Congratulations Sir ! Well done.