HTML & CSS Freelancing websites

Is there a way to work as a front-end developer with only html and css, any suggestions, and are there any websites besides well-known websites like Freelancer etc… because there is too much people there and pros also.

I suppose it’s possible, but I find it unlikely.

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I’m sure you can find work, but I’m not sure if its worth your time.

The issue with doing purely static work as a freelancer means you have to:

  1. Compete with others who know HTML+CSS
  2. Are limited to a very limited set of technologies
  3. Compete with existing CMS systems like and wordpress for the same results

This assumes you can find the work that pays well enough to make it worth your time. If you can only get a few bucks for some jobs, either due to budgets, the clients you find, competition, or simply desperation, could mean you could be making more money doing some other non-dev job.

You could totally get by if your a fantastic worker that can do advance layouts and make fantastic designs, so you can charge vastly more for your work. Its just there is a point where taking this approach just isn’t worth the time and effort for what you can get out of it.

So yes its possible, but only worth it at a certain point.


Thanks for the reply, so learning other technologies like jquery and other libraries
etc … increase your chance of getting a good job?and if yes, how?

for example a thing like this forum can’t be done with just html+css you need JavaScript, and a JavaScript framework and knowledge of backend technology

if you follow the freeCodeCamp curriculum you can arrive there


Hey @bedward!

I agree with @ilenia that you should work through the FCC curriculum. At least work all the way through till the Python sections. You will be competing against other front end developers who work with javascript, front end libraries, node js, express, API’s, etc. So it would be good to have the same knowledge as well.

FCC also has great articles and videos on how to get started with freelancing.