Do i know enough to start doing freelance work?

Hey everyone, I have been learning to code for about a month now. I feel as though I am confident at HTML and CSS. I want to start freelancing through different websites while i continue to learn.

My question is do you think knowing HTML and CSS is enough to start out doing freelance work? so that i can build a proper portfolio and get real reviews from people.

I will also learn other things such as JavaScript.

Thank you for your responses in advance!

Hey there,

As long as you have skills that someone else need and might even be willing to pay for then you are ready to start freelancing. If you know HTML and CSS and someone is offering work in that area, go for it.
There is nothing better than learning on the job but try to stay away from projects that have a very strict deadline so that you can work and learn in your own pace. Always explain to the customer that you are still learning and that the project might take a bit longer. That way no one gets hurt in the process.

Good luck and let us know if you find a project to work on.


That depends who the client is and what they want.
If they ask you build a back end admin section that allows user to upload images and the front end will reflect the changes. Are comfortable in doing that?

I am sure you can get freelance work, as long as someone needs what you have.

I think there is always a place for more practicing and it’s good for every one. Better programming is a matter of practice. It’s important to code well without errors as those can spend you time and make you code vulnerable. You can always try using an app if you tend to find it troubling. I use checkmarx most times and it works fine.
Good luck.

Totally. In grad school I had a few coding classes, but I got serious about front-end stuff in August and started FCC maybe a month ago. I’ve had a few paying clients already. As long as you know how to do stuff that somebody else can’t do, you can find work doing it. Keep trying and don’t give up! It feels so good to see what you’ve learn pay off (literally!)