Wanting to Start Stepping into Freelance

Hey all!

I was hoping to get some advice from anybody on here that has experience working as a freelance web developer.

I’ll explain my situation first so that you’ll be better equipped to give me advice: I am a student at a four year university and just transferred into CS after doing two years in mechanical engineering (Luckily I will still be able to graduate in two years ie 4 semesters).

I have been working on the FCC curriculum since June and hope to finish the third CERT in about 10-15 days.

My goal is this next semester is to start working to become a part-time freelance developer so that one semesters from now I’ll be able to make a bit of extra money from this each month to help pay for expenses that are currently being taken care of by my parents.

I’m at a point where I feel like I’m developing a solid knowledge base of HTML/CSS and JS but I want to be able to go from having the skills to actually have made some projects and confidently take on clients for new projects.

Is there a resource anyone can recommend or a method in which I develop websites in an environment that would be similar to developing websites for a client.

Or if anyone has any good textbooks or anything to help me from having the coding knowledge to practicing that knowledge and ultimately creating my first site for a client.

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