Entry to web development

Once ive got the basics down, where do i start? i created a profile on freelancers . com. im not entirely sure what to do after i accept the jobs. is there software that i use to build/edit someone’s webpage? I understand that i need the source code, can i just edit it in visual studio code or is there some other software? also is there a way to just edit the code in real time on their website?

It’s context sensitive, it depends on the client. Re. “also is there a way to just edit the code in real time on their website”, not really, no.

Do you think it is a good idea trying to sell yourself as a freelance developer (ie run a business) when you don’t currently have the knowledge and skills necessary to do so? To put it another way: if I am looking to hire someone on a freelance contract, if I pay for someone who has the knowledge and skills, the work is likely to get done to spec. Whereas I would have very little faith that someone who does not have that knowledge can get the work completed. In which case, why would I hire you?

These aren’t rhetorical questions. You can learn on the job – it is necessary to do so when freelancing because each client has unique needs. But starting out as a developer by trying to run a business when you know almost nothing of the necessary technical aspects seems to be a way of purposely placing obstacles in your path. Most of the time spent running a freelance business has nothing to do with code, and it’s hard and thankless for the most part (×100 for meat markets like Freelancer/Upwork etc).

It can definitely be useful – freelancing is how I got my foot in the door. But you seem to currently have significant knowledge gaps, and I’m not sure that committing to something that’ll get in the way of simply learning how to use the tools you will need is going to be very helpful.

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I picked up the basics of html and css pretty quickly. I understand the code more or less and Im trying to figure out the next steps and google seems to lack the info which is no surprise. From what ive gathered they give u access to the source code and then you parse through and fix their problem. That or you start entirely from scratch. Ino visual studio code is an excellent ide for html and css and stuff but is there something else thats more common knowledge? Im just trying to figure out the next steps so that i can close said knowledge gap and jump start my dream career as a programmer

Hey @seanjintix!

But have you learned JavaScript? Any font end frameworks or libraries?

It might be tough to compete with other freelancers with just html and css knowledge. I would suggest going through the javascript and front end libraries section of FCC if you haven’t already.

I am going to link some FCC articles about freelancers that might help you out.