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Hello everyone I’m a self taught programmer just like everyone here and after learning web development for almost a year I think I’m ready to start some freelancing stuffs.
I’m a highschool student right now and I’m about to gradguate and after that while I study computer science in collage I wanna make some money by freelancing.
Can someone guide me how should I start freelancing and what type of service should I provide eg. Small website for small bussiness, Web app, automation scripts.

Here is my github link:
Here is my website:

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Hi @siddharthroy36912!

I think these articles on FCC news will help you get started.


I just did my first freelancing job!!


Congrats!! That’s awesome!

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Hello, Roy! I’m Rinat and I’m from Russia. I also want to start some freelancing stuff. Advice me please, what courses do you finished? Do you read some useful books? How much time takes freelance? What freelance’s portals do you use?

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Wow can you share how it happened and tips

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Side note: you have a bug in your portfolio website i think.

the bug:

in “Featured Projects” section, the buttons are reverted, “live” sends you to Github and vice versa.

Good luck! and keep up the Good Work! :smile:

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I have done two freelancing jobs and I stopped after second one because I have exams

The first one I got from a random dude I met on a Python Discord server. He asked If anyone could make a python script to verify a bunch of phone numbers for $10 so I accepted it, it took me 2-3 hours to write the script, I could’ve done It sooner but he asked for python2 specifically instead of python3

And after that I thought I can do more of this type of job so I created a Gig on fiverr for web scraping, data mining, etc and after creating the Gig within one hour I got response from my first Fiverr customer, he offered me $75 and I had to make a python scirpt that scrape buch of quotes from a site, I made the script in 1-2 hours and the scraping part took 2-3 hours(It was a lot of data to scrape). He gave a week of time but I finished within a day. I got $60 because fiverr takes 20% of your earning.

Earning $70 In two days is not a small amount to earn for a highschool student. In India at least.

TIP: I suggest you to start with anything you are good at and Fiverr is good for beginners after that you can go to UpWork or just grow your network.

After exams I will start web dev freelancing on fiverr.

And thanks for pointing out the wrong link issuse in my website.


I learned web development from freecodecamp and youtube.
Apart from that I have done two courses on Udemy

  1. 100days of code - The complete Python Pro Bootcamp
  2. Mastering the coding Interview: Data Structure and Algorithm

OMG, that’s too much! 20%, which means that if you get 100k, it will take 20k…

it’s called commissions, it always happen when you sell your work through third parties


Thanks @siddharthroy36912 this is really helpful

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Worry about making 100k first because that’s someone’s yearly payment, like top professionals… and if they take 20k for a yearly charge, at least if for a year server, domain, hosting, maintenance and all😏

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