Guys how did you start freelancing? :)

Hello everybody! :slight_smile:

I am currently in my second year of a Software Engineering degree and I’m also a FCC camper :smiley: . I know a some JAVA, C, C++ and also enough JavaScript, CSS and HTML to get the Front End Certificate.

That all said, I would love to make a little money on the side by being a freelance web developer but I don’t know how and where to start or if I even have enough knowledge and skill to do the job (not saying I want to already know everything, I am ready to learn). What were your guys’ experiences with starting freelancing and what would you recommend for a newbie like me?

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I’d suggest offering your web design services pro-bono to churches, non-profit organizations, friends that need a website. This will give you some real-world experience and some contacts. This is how I started.


Hi @gpiliponyte, Great! you wanna make little money with side project or freelancer. I would not recommend going FREELANCE as a newbie or little experience.I would say more practice and create a personal project, look other site get the idea, read a blog. It’s in my experience. You can go any of freelancer site out there [Here are 20 of Freelance]. But the problem for NEW FREELANCER many people working already more experience and they do low rate as well I have seen and the client doesn’t want to Hire newbie. I think you know already the Internet is good and danger as well for us if we don’t understand it. I am also the newbie and trying to do some work online and make an experience unfortunately I failed. I wanna post that story what happened to me soon! Be aware when you go freelancer there are plenty of scammers they looking newbie and fresh freelancer. BUT, You can try with any popular freelancer site.

Also Look read this on quora.

Note: Sorry! If any misspell or grammatically incorrect sentences, English is my second language._

Good luck!

I’ve started with taking offers from friends and family.they really helped me at first and then I slowly start to stand on my feet.good friends are blessing