Working on Freelance Websites (Beginners)

How to start freelancing for a beginner in such a huge competition.

When did you get your first order?

Tell us about your freelancing experience.

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freeCodeCamp News actually has tons of articles about starting as a freelancer.


First of all, make a good portfolio.

Apply on websites like Fiverr and try to get some jobs.

Networking is really important, join local and global groups, you’ll never know who needs a website right now… :open_mouth:

So, start building trust in some way, some people decide even to offer free work like making for free a website for a nonprofit, so you will gain experience and some projects (with users!) to add in the portfolio.

It’s all about being more trustful and capable than others. Being creative and having something special helps too (example: good creativity or being particularly good at solving problems. My “specialty” if we can call like that is to make website and games, so I can mix things when I want and putting more interactivity in a website than normal.

Think a bit about it and get that client! :stuck_out_tongue:

Supply and Demand Law.
Build a service that in exchange need to be repaid.
What service or product will you be offering in exchange of financial gains? What programming language? What sector? and so on.
You will need some specific knowledge and skills, and also put your workforce in it, have good networking, and have a lot of patience and resilience.
In my personal opinion there is no simple ‘magical idea’ in this.
Wish you the best.

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