When you should start to work for clients? My first client story :-)

Cheers campers,

some of you might asks yourself, when i am ready to work for other people? Not neceserly take a job, but starting to freelance.

When others gave this idea - you have to just deliver. If you can deliver something to somebody, who need and he is willing o pay you for it, that is it. You are a freelancer! :slight_smile:

But many of you might be affraid, that you are not skilled enough. Well if you already did some coding, did few web projects, you already have a few skills to build a functioniong web. Yes there will be unknowns, but you can google out any sollution regarding anything now.

After toying with HTML ages ago (in sum - about a month of learning), i started freecodecamp in march, since april i stopped due to lack of time. On saturday 13th may my friend needed help, an app that would provide randomly items from a list. On wednesday 17th may i delivered a fourth version, which was working fairly well. My friend was satisfied and i got paid. It is not a candidate for web of the year, but i does, what it should be doing. :slight_smile: The result is in Czech, but you can see for yourself here:

So all in all, if you have been learning for a month or two, yes you should try to code for others. You might have difficulties in making a functioning web or web apps, but when you believe, you can solve it, you will eventually find a sollution. Stay hungry, stay foolish. :slight_smile:


Great post! Iā€™m considering getting back into fcc after a long hiatus and your words give me confidence that I can freelance and make some money along the way. Thank you for the inspiration!

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Thanks. you gave me great hope as I am still at the first days of learning programming. I long for my first freelance or my first job i can be paid for. thanks for inspiration