Freelance work for experience?

Hi everyone!

I was doing a lot of FCC for a while but then started doing the course “The Complete Web Developer Course 2.0” it’s a really good one 'cause you’ll instantly apply what you learn. I already made a cool JS game.
The teacher (Rob percival) wrote a book named “how to male $10.000 while learning to code” first of all I was wondering if any of you read it and liked it or not.

In this book he said that after learning the basics of HTML, CSS and JS you can start bidding on projects on and
Did any of do this? I looked at the projects and they look a bit scary, I’m not sure if I can take on a project with my current knowledge.
But on the other hand it would be a great way to learn.

So in short: what do you guys think of the course, book and bidding on projects already?


Hi @Reinoud-Zuyderhoff Fiverr This site doesn’t charge for bids, like the others. Also, try this Don’t be afraid to start jumping to projects. I wasn’t, but I always picked projects that were too big for my hardware. Hope this helps. code_triage_contribute to opensource projects


Hey @c-smooth thnks for your answer, posted this a while ago, you must’ve scrolled down a bit to get here :grin:.
But this was still something I wondered. Haven’t been on freelancer since, the site annoyed me a bit.
I’ll definitely check out yours. Hope it can get up and running.
My website is online and almost finished, it just needs good pictures and more work to show off😉.

That’s great man, yeah I should definitely make one. I’ll check yours out also. Glad it helped.

Is that ten grand or ten bucks (wrong punctuation or extra 0?). Cause $10 is not an incentive but $10,000 is.

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That’s interesting, and also quite confusing. I guess I’ll believe you :wink:

@camperextraordinaire @Soupedenuit, you wouldn’t guess, but this has a pretty big history

Such a small thing, but something to remember when I’m negotiating my fee with an American :wink:.
Let’s just all use a dot, and while we’re at it, let’s all use the metric system, it just makes sense. :grin: and are slavery websites in my opinion…
they’re more like gambles than actual project or jobs.
I’ve tried but they’re not worth my time.

Try to study wordpress development… you’ll get a local job position pretty quick.


Never tried freelancer, but if it’s like upwork where they make you pay for bids, then yes I 100 percent agree.


@jamesharvey I looked at wordpress for about 10 minutes, it seemed really easy. I figured anyone could do it and it wasn’t worth my time. But apparently I was wrong. What’s it about WordPress that’ll get you a job then? I’d love to get one of those :blush:

A business approaches you and wants a website.

You have (2) options:

(A). You talk about your agile development, and how everything is checked in/out of Github. You practice source control and use a MEAN stack, MongoDB, Node, Npm, Angular… though if they prefer React, you can also do that (but 80% knowledge) or the newer VueJS (50% knowledge). You use Webpack, and talk about JSON and stuff, and you don’t program Javascript in anything less than ES6, and makes sure you JSLint everything. That said, you only use functional programming. – meanwhile, the business owner is looking at you funny.

(B). You use WordPress and tell him, “Yeah sure, and you’ll have an ID and password so you can update your prices and welcome message anytime.” – business owner looks at you and says “Take my money!!!”


I think you’re from EU?
In US, there are many small businesses and store owners need their wordpress sites keep running.
If you can edit or build a wordpress site from scratch, you can grab some easy money quickly. Find a rich store owner who needs a wordpress e-commerce and ask some $$$.

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@jamesharvey, yes I’m from the EU, I think I’ve seen some wordpress work come by. Coincidently I got a message today from a developer in need of some help. He had to much projects and asked me if I could do some wordpress and CSS jobs for him. So as it seems I have to cracking on WordPress right away.

@owel couldn’t have been a more clear way to explain it, loved it! :joy:

I have applied for literally 50 jobs on upwork. I got one, completed the project over a week and then never heard anything back from the client even though they were supposedly “really happy” with the result. It was ridiculously cheap but I wanted to just get my foot in the door… Got in touch with upwork but unfortunately three months later and nothing.

On the other hand, I actually had an interview with a local company, and whilst they didnt offer me the job, they said they outsource some of their work on and if I came back with some experience on there they would reconsider.

However, if making money is your intention, then I would steer well clear of those sorts of websites.

A funny story, but relevant: I am big into carp fishing and in the UK there are some big names (people who essentially make a living from the sport). Essentially my celebrities :sweat_smile: I managed to bag myself a job creating one of them a website through Instagram.

Instagram is actually a fantastic tool and has put me in touch with so many different people and companies. I would recommend to anyone who was looking to create a network or maybe get their foot in the door at places.


Yup, don’t go to these websites (fiverr, freelancer, etc).

Instead, network and talk to local businesses and people in your community. That’s where you offer your services! You’ll get referrals, you’ll be able to charge more, and who knows, maybe future gigs or permanent employment, or leads to permanent employment.

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@owel That’s actually working best for me now. Since I posted this question I’ve been networking a lot. Coincidentally my brother is starting up his own company and wants me to build the entire website. So that’s a good gig. I probably have some more offers as well, so yes I would say networking around is best, I found it to be the most difficult to call myself a web developer and tell people I’ll be able to do the job. I don’t want to disappoint. Usually I point them to my own website, I’d they like what they see that’s what they can get.

@JABedford Instagram was the last thing I would think about. Didn’t know there was such a living community there. I only have some family in there and friends that post pictures I don’t care about. And then I post pictures they don’t care about. I think I need to get better in networking in general. I usually get the feeling people are like “ugh this guy again”, don’t want to annoy people.

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To be honest, I felt the same. I signed up last year, and my account was literally photos of food, alcohol and random things and I only followed family/friends.

Ever since I started updating with computer/coding type pictures and keeping track of what I was doing I have grown from 100 followers to 1500 in a few months. I have got in touch with numerous people who I am in talks of collabing with, got in touch with local companies and also learnt a load!! I have ongoing work with a fishing bait company and also a childs clothing company and this was all from instagram.

Its always a good selling point for a smaller company if they employ someone with a large social media footprint, as you could essentially advertise them as and when.


@jaBedford what’s your Instagram account? Might be a good place to start, and I could use it for inspiration. You don’t have to follow me, my account is still only pictures of my daughter. Fully understand you don’t care the slightest about that.

Sorry mate, I was at work and just finishing off… I had some bits I wanted to say so sorry for the double post:

I am currently trying to get my account under a certain theme “so mainly white with a small amount of colour”. Most of the successful folk pictures all flow (if you know what I mean) and apparently that means people are a lot more likely to follow you.

I was totally surprised by the effectiveness of this platform. Like I said, I have reached people that I was struggling to do so before… The small businesses who don’t necessarily want to get a company involved in there web/social media but who don’t have anyone else to turn to.
Again I have got in touch with people who have been able to help me with their knowledge. There are some very clever people on there!

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