Still can I earn money using HTML and CSS in 2023

I learned HTML and CSS and a little bit of javascript and I want to earn money , side hustle while start my long journey with Programming or coding or any other technology . Please Anyone clarify my question.


Finding a job with just using html and CSS is going to be pretty hard in my opinion. With CSS and html all you will really be able to do is style a webpage and even the simplest of web pages have some sort of JavaScript in them. To be honest, your best shot is to continue learning JavaScript and improve your skills before looking for a side hustle. I fear there will be many asks the person would want from you that you wont be able to do with just html and CSS. However, it is your decision to make you can try asking around smaller businesses to see if you can try to give their website a new look. Be careful though, if that website is using JavaScript then its using the classes and Id’s that are already set in the html and CSS. You would have to work with the classes and id already named and implemented to make sure that you do not mess up the JavaScript code. This is why I say its better to work on your skill for now until you have a good understanding of html, CSS and JavaScript.



I want to start my Exploration to Tech Programming and go long so, I just learned medium level of html and css. Can I Earn some extra money to motivate myself and learn to code and learning programming language. Becaue now My financial background is not good now. Anyone tell me.

Programming isn’t really something that gives you ‘quick money’.


Nop, check the JD of jobs in your locality and find out what other things you will need to learn to earn.

You will atleast need to learn JS and build some good portfolio projects.

There are no shortcuts in IT world.

From your name I think you’re from India, now that we’re most populated country on earth; with millions of engineers getting passed out each year, there is hell lot of competition and rat race to succeed.

Keep working harder each day to achieve your dream.


I am no expert at all. I have only seen and heard of potential ways to make money with coding. You can try and find customers on Fiveer. It looks like you can try Frontend Mentor as well, but Front-end mentor looks like you have to do a number of their projects first before you are qualified to to look for jobs there.

Freelancing is always an option. There are plenty of sites like fiverr and such that will put you out there to clients. Plenty of marketing internships that require HTML and CSS. Most full-time day jobs are paying 35k-50k in the US. Mostly medical related stuff too. Goodluck on your search.


Totally get where you’re coming from! HTML and CSS are like the OGs of web stuff, and guess what? They’re still in demand, even in 2023. Websites, apps, and online presence are still the real deal, and your skills can totally snag you some side hustle action.

In my opinion, I don’t think so. There are so many people doing HTML and CSS that at this point being really good at javascript is also a necessity.

Good luck!


Coding as a lucrative “side hustle” is largely a myth.


Sure, websites still need people who create and style web content effectively.

You can still earn money with HTML and CSS in 2023! Web development skills are always in demand. Many businesses and individuals require websites, and HTML and CSS are the fundamental building blocks.

u r talking about us jobs offering 50k daily…could u pls mention few true instances here…also mention how to grab them in hand. thanx

Coding as a lucrative “side hustle” is largely a myth.