How to find freelance job suitable on my skills?

I hope my question is not foolish.

Currently I know HTML, CSS and JavaScript and I made two projects. and

I went on upwork then look for jobs I search for keyword “javascript” use the filter for 15 below proposals, verified payment, and entry level as beginner. And I read many jobs but seems I can’t do it. I can’t see jobs exactly what they needed is what I know.

This are my problems

  • many jobs I see needed programming languages that I don’t know. I know JS but other languages don’t.
  • many of the jobs, I don’t think I cant do those things may be because some programming language that i don’t know are involved and it’s not for front-end thing.

I search different keywords like html, front-end, and build static website, Same problems.

I know I can make static website like blog websites but how can I find those freelance jobs.

I think you should offer people that you can create projects for them like the ones you have made

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Hi @shirahamak26 !

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When you look at all of those freelance sites, you are competing with those who know different frameworks, libraries, working with API’s, etc.

The more technologies you know, the better you will be able to compete in the market place.

Another place to look for work is to reach out to local small businesses in the area.
There are plenty of small restaurants and boutiques that need a basic static website.

Hope that helps!

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Oh I see. So I need to learn more to have more opportunities on freelancing platforms. Thanks @jwilkins.oboe

Freelancers are typically people with experience. It is usually difficult or impossible to get freelance work without experience. If you can get a job that gets you experience then you need to do that. Something you might be able to do is to do work for free. If you can get a good review (a good recommendation) then that is $valuable$. Even if you do not get a good review, if you can learn why then that will help you. Do not get upset if they have issues with your work; learn from it.