Aspiring Web Developer

Hello there! I am new to the FCC community. I have lurked around awhile and finally decided to make an account and go through the program/certs. Just wanted to know if anyone here had any tips/advice for me, such as if I should be using other learning resources alongside FCC to improve/enhance my learning experience.
For a little background info, I have been working in an IT support role for awhile now with very minimal exposure to web dev work (mostly HTML/ basic CSS) so i guess Im not a COMPLETE beginner but still fairly new to the world of programming in general.
I decided that I would like to transition into a web dev role as the career looks good.I think i am a bit on the older side to make a career shift/change at this point in my life and therefore a bit anxious, but i am really looking to make this work. So any advice from people who were in my situation or just ANY advice in general would be greatly appreciated.
Sorry for the somewhat long post, just thought I’d introduce myself while also getting some advice/feedback. :grin:

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First: Welcome :slight_smile:

I’m on the older side too. HTML / CSS isn’t really coding, so you basicly a beginner. I do a really hard coding course by now, but doing here HTML / CSS to relaxe a bit. Know HTML / CSS since 2009 i think, so there is not much “new” and i can relax by doing the Basic stuff.

A friend said to me: age didn’t matter in coding, only skill matters. So, go for the coding and try it out - you have nothing to lose.

Some friendly advice:
Read every single word in exercises.
If you stuck, search in the internet - that’s what programmers do.
If everything goes wrong, ask here.
Try to help people in this forum - you learn very much by reading other peoples code and finding bugs - that’s what programmers in the open wide world do the most of there time.
And learn to read in references :slight_smile:

AND have a lot of fun.

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Thank you for your response and advice!
Yes, I completely agree that HTML/CSS isn’t really coding but I would like to strengthen my skills in them regardless. I also would like to focus more on JavaScript as my programming language of choice as my initial aim is to become a Front End Developer.
Any coding courses you would Personally recommend?
Also i will try to not let my age be a hindrance and focus more on coding as you suggested! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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