New Here and Need advice on My Way to My First Dev Job

Hello friends, I’m new to FCC and would like some advice:

I’ve been studying code/web dev since November primarily using The Odin Project. I got through most of it but hit a wall on their HTML/CSS course (yes I did all of the Ruby and RoR tracks). Since then I’ve been kind of scrambling to continue my learning, even going to far as to apply to Hack Reactor (I got accepted but barring getting a scholarship I probably won’t have the money to attend, though I love all the javascript I was able to learn).

So I guess I have 3 main questions:

Is FCC the right place to come to really master CSS? From the coding problems I’ve done so far they I am a bit hesitant to say yes. The problems seem pretty basic and the thing I have the most trouble with in CSS is workflow (like, understanding what I should do next, how to seperate my classes and id’s and elements into meaningful divs), and thus far FCC has really just been determining my workflow for me. So is this the place you all mastered CSS (if not where)?

Second question is for any self taught dev out there: How did you learn? What was your best resource and how was finding a job like (feel free to be brief, I’m asking this more so that I keep hope alive after reaching a major roadblock than to hear life stories)(feel free to tell your life story too, I’ll be up all night).

Third question is for those who learned through a bootcamp setting: which one did you go to? How was it? How was finding a job after? (I would actually appreciate some elaboration on this question but thats up to you).

Thank you all for your time! I’ll pop in and out as I complete these FCC assignments. Happy coding!