Learning regimen from beginner to job ready

Hello all,

I just recently got back into FCC after a long hiatus, and I have to say I’m pretty excited that they added so much new content since I stopped this past spring. I’m currently working through the basic data structures challenges, and after the break I took, I’m glad to report that javascript seems to be clicking a lot more than it had been previously.

All that being said, I’m currently in between jobs, and I’m looking to try to get a web developer job as soon as I can. Obviously that isn’t something to be rushed, it takes time to learn things right. There is so much content on FCC now that I am beginning to feel overwhelmed and a little nervous that I might not reach my goal of getting a web dev job in the next year. beyond that, it doesn’t appear so far that FCC quite covers all of the necessary elements required to get my first web dev job. I could be wrong about this of course, but that’s the way it appears.

I’m looking for a couple things. First of all, can anyone who has started web develpment from scratch on fcc and is currently employable as a developer give me something of a road map on how to get to that stage? I’m not sure how much time I should focus on going through the challenges, versus using other resources to learn, and getting real world practice by building apps and websites. I want to know how to best spend my time every day to get prepared as quickly as possible.

Secondly, I’m looking for resource suggestions for furthering my knowledge as much as possible outside of the scope of FCC. One thing I could particularly learn more about is CSS and how to structure html to effectively work with CSS. I can slap together html for an entire site no problem, but when it comes to implementing CSS I feel like a lost cause. I typically have no idea where to start, have a hard time making things do what I want, and when I get all that hashed out, it usually looks like trash. I don’t want to use frameworks for a couple reasons. I feel they are an impediment to learning good css and best practices, and I don’t wan’t to waste time learning one, just to have to go back and learn css anyways. Any resources that could help with that specifically would be much appreciated. beyond that, anything frond end related that could get me ready for a job ASAP.

Hopefully someone takes the time to give me some advice/ resources to use on my journey, I’ll appreciate it greatly.

Have you seen Jonas Schmedtmann advanced CSS course in Udemy? It’s truly awesome.

You learn how to use BEM and SASS (which is just a superset of CSS in its sassy variant, so you could follow the course without sass, though I wouldn’t advise that personally) by building three projects from the ground up!

As far as free resources for that, there might be plenty, but this is what I know personally. ^^

I haven’t seen that. But maybe I’ll take a look and buy it while every course is only $10 for a limited time :joy:

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Hahaha, yes. They have a peculiar notion of what limited time is ^^