I want to find a job as a web developer, while studying in college

Hey there campers! This is my first post on FCC, I’m a computer science student currently pursuing my bachelor’s degree. I started to do FCC about a year ago on and off in hopes that I could expand my skill set before I start looking for internships. I’ve completed the Front-End certification and now i’m working through the Back-End.

Recently, I’ve entered a point of financial hardship, I work part-time repairing cell phones, but the money I’ve been making is not enough for me to support myself. I want to put my web developing skills to good use, but looking for a full-time job is not ideal, as I want to continue pursuing my bachelors. I was wondering if anyone has any advice pertaining to getting a developer job that allows me to work from home, while I continue to work through my bachelors program.

I also want to take a minute to say I really appreciate how supportive this community is, and although this is my first post, I’ve been an avid reader of this forum and appreciate how much help is out there!

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Work from home is typically not for those without much experience, but you could try applying to jobs at weworkremotely.com or authenticjobs.com. You might also try Upwork for some freelance stuff.

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Hi! I’m currently looking for a job too, but I don’t know if there are companies which would let you work remotely. In your case I’d rather look for any kind of internship with flexible work hours. If your urge to be self-financed is big, the amount of work you would make shouldn’t be a problem.
Regarding knowledge: after some interviews i found that solid knowledge in HTML (HTML4vsHTML5, box model, strict,semantic HTML), CSS3 (transitions, animations, flexbox, painting of content on page), and JS ( scope and closures, prototype functions and this keyword, intermediate algorithm knowledge, and big ‘+’ functional programming paradigms) is must have. Other stuff, like SASS for css, or react,vue,angular for JS is a BIG plus.
The other part is solid portfolio, on github, or codepen (although recruiters prefer github, I have got some eye-candy stuff on codepen) with examples that your knowledge isn’t just theoretical.
And lastly, they are watching for soft skills like communication skills (even if you have a sense of humor is sometimes relevant).

All these things are little bit over-the-top for Junior Front-End dev, but you know, the more you know, the better.
I hope I helped little bit :wink:

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