Need Resume Feedback for software/web developer jobs

Hi everyone. I am a new user on FCC and noticed other people posting their resume here. So I want to post mine as well to receive honest feedback. Keep in mind, I am a 4th year Computer Science student and I really need help with both fixing my resume and applying for internships/jobs related to either software engineering, software developer or web developer. My main focus is on web development but am open to other software roles as well. Any tips or tricks on what I can do to land a role in any of the positions mentioned above? What courses on FCC can help me with web development related roles?

Looking at my peers, I feel like I missed on opportunities for internships with return offers as I didn’t find any in the past. I have seen many other students work as interns in FAANG companies like Amazon in the past. But I haven’t had an opportunity to intern for such companies as I was rejected. Is it too late now to find any internships now? Can I potentially land something with the technical skills and experience I have put in my resume? Any feedback here is greatly appreciated and I will try to get back as soon as I can.

Thanks a lot and happy holidays!

Here is my resume:

I am unable to share a link to an external page where it is hosted

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I see you have projects listed, but it would help to include a link of your portfolio if you have these projects hosted anywhere so they can go and see them first hand. Or, if these are work projects then I would include any links to personal projects you feel are worth sharing

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I have my projects on github. However, some of them are related to the classes that I have been in. So I don’t think I can share it publicly just yet. It can only be shared privately to recruiters upon request. Nevertheless, for the other projects, I can try and put up the links. Could you clarify as to what you mean by portfolio? Is that like another page where I have hosted links to all my projects? Or do I include all the links in my resume itself? Thanks a lot!

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