Applying for internships. Not getting any response. Would Love some feedback on resume

Hello, everyone. I am currently in the penultimate year of my 4-year undergraduate computer science course and applying for summer internships in 2017. I started coding from scratch about two years back after admission into college and have learned a decent amount of programming since then.

Recently I have been applying to online companies like crazy but there has been no response from their side :sob:. I suspect that something is wrong with my resume and would some love some feedback on. I have tried to include projects from all the fields that I love instead of just web development. Formally, I have completed most of the front end and the back end curriculum :slight_smile:. I would really appreciate if someone could give me some pointers on my resume and tell me how to apply and where to apply. Thank you so much.

Here is the link to my updated resume

give a brief intro and post your resume in resumes, lots of incredibly smart people, tech included, that are helpful in that thread. It’s my opinion you’ll get more valuable feedback in that. Good luck.

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I would say that your resume is poorly structured. Since people usually read info from top to bottom, most important things should be first, on the top. And you have there what, interests? Like, who really cares?
Start with things who will “sell” you - job experience, grand achievements, cool projects. Then education, then all other stuff, skills, interests, etc., from most important to least.


Based upon your and other people inputs, I have made some changes to my resume. Please review it. Thanks!!. Have a nice day.

Your resume only needs to be one page. One page resumes are much more professional (here in the US at least – I would assume elsewhere this is the case too).