Looking for resume and portfolio feedbacks

Hello guys.
I’m an international student studying comp sci in Canada. I have been in this area for 1.5 years. I tried really hard to find my first internship and didn’t land one till the last moment. But after that, I still struggled to get interviews for my second internship. I only got 3 interviews for my summer internship. Besides my interpersonal and tech skills, I think there must be something wrong with my resume. Also, l built my first portfolio website last month. Any advice is welcome. BTW if you think some sentences are weird or grammars are incorrect. Please tell me. Thank you.

My portfolio


This is a weird one you are repeaing yourself: I’m a second-degree compute science student at the University of British Columbia. I graduated with a Bachelor degree of Economics in 2018. I’m interested in web development.

I don’t think there is much wrong with your CV. A few imporvements can be

  • clickable link to your website ( it seems its not clickable)
  • The use of italics in work experience, education and awards while other are not italics.

On your website the spelling for computer is missing an ‘r’.

You can leverage that you already have a degree, its a big plus.

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what about deleting the last two sentences?

Yes it be a good idea since the rest already is pointing towards it

No real problem with your resumé at all. You can try to improve UX in your portfolio and use action verbs to present your projects.

If you have a little time, you can have a look on these articles:

Just a simple question: do you consider remote positions or freelance?


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very useful, thank you!

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