Looking for feedback on resume and portfolio

I’ve been applying to entry level web dev jobs for a few months now and was wondering if anybody could give me any feedback so I can tune up my CV and portfolio even more:

CV: http://myy.haaga-helia.fi/~a1603181/alex_jacobs/resume.pdf
Portfolio: http://myy.haaga-helia.fi/~a1603181/alex_jacobs/

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I think your portfolio could get some padding on top/bottom of each section. You could even make each section take a minimum height of the viewport itself.

See this: https://codepen.io/freeCodeCamp/full/zNBOYG

I also didn’t like the borders around your projects, maybe something a little more subtle? Or even just a shadow?

And the icons on the top nav should be white, I almost didn’t saw them.

Besides those points, I like it :+1:

Your projects are pretty interesting indeed.Just work on the styling a bit more may be.And also remove the beeping thing on your page.Its irrelevant :yum:

Looking at your portfolio this is what stands out to me:

  • The image you’re using of yourself is not professional. You’re eating something (with ketchup?) and there’s another guy in the background.

  • The skills section is too text heavy. Change it to a list of bullet points, like you have in the education section.

  • When I click on one of your portfolio projects I’m taken to that page in the same tab. Maybe consider having it open in a new tab instead (target="_blank") so the viewer doesn’t navigate away from your page if he or she clicks the link.

  • In the individual project tiles it feels like the “view the code on…” should be the link instead of the image.

  • On top of the projects you write " Want to see more? check out my Github and Codepen, links in the navbar!" Why don’t you use link the text there instead of asking the user to go back to the nav bar?

  • Another possible issue is the url you’re using. If it’s possible change it to something that’s easier for others to remember and type out without having the link.

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You might include where you are authorized to work, such as Great Britain, the European Union and/or the United States.

Notice how the github icon is out of line. A quick css fix will do!

Okay guys, I’ve made a start on implementing feedback and made a few modifications to the site now!

I understand the criticism about the picture, I’ll look into getting a more professional picture taken.

I will strongly encourage you to list your skills instead of all that paragraph in your skill section.

Okay, I’ve done that now and the preliminary changes are now live!