Looking for feedback for my portfolio to get a job

Hello guys,

I need your feedback on my portfolio and my resume to get a job as a Front End developer. What am I missing to learn or fix?

Here is my portfolio page www.andrewalkazeer.tk (resume is included).

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Great site, Andrew. Are you a begginer? I would improve the portfolio. Would put the real projects, or freelancers projects. Recruiters like that.


Looks nice.
I would make your name more prominent, maybe put it in a header at the top along with the contact links you have at the bottom. If you have those contact links in the header, visitors who have limited time and maybe only want to look at, say, your GitHub or Linked In, they’ll be able to do so.


Yes bro, I am a beginner. What do you mean by real projects? Do you mean something like book a flight
page OR shopping page?

That’s a great idea bro thank you very much for pointing those out, I will look into those :slight_smile: .

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Good job! I’d take my time to polish it some more, good luck with getting a job! :+1: :smile:

I like the color palette, the jumbotron looks awesome. However, I see that the hire me section look quite weird to my opinion. It should be center or asymmetric. Because the “Hire me” hanging there with a lot of empty space around while the button too close to the border. Also, my suggestion is that with every project you should list all technologies you use. And since you say you are a web designer, every project should be polished to make it more beautiful. I hope this help.


Looks like you’ve made a great start. Keep on building the projects, and move away from Codepen and start developing on your own machine.

Ditto what Huy Cam said about the Hire Me part- it looked odd on my browser (I always discount it due to my set up).

I suggest changing the font color in the intro part- White on whatever color that is (salmon?) is not contrasting enough- black may be better. Just my thoughts.

I like the design, it looks pretty good. :smiley: I see in the code that submitting the contact form wouldn’t work, so you could try send it to some mailing api for it to send. Also, at the bottom there’s an HTML error: it should be ©, not &copy.

One quick comment about the design, there’s too much white/empty space. Usually people have entire sections filled with a nice looking picture instead of a plain colour like what you have. My immediate impression was that there’s something missing because of this.

Yes I will bro, thank you for your feedback :smile::smile:

Yes, I will add the technologies that I used with every project that is a great point, but the hire me section I know I have a problem but I failed to fix it, I just need more time to get it right. Thank you very much for your feedback bro :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Yes I will do that thank you for your feedback bro :slight_smile::slight_smile:

Yes, I know I have a problem but I failed to fix it, I just need more time to get it right. Yes, It is Salmon color, I may change it will see what I can do Thank you for your feedback bro :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

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Thank you bro :slight_smile:, it works because I just received one submission from 1 FCC user, that is a free API service from Netlify did not do it myself and I actually wanted to use my MongoDB database but I have to use Heroku hosting and I have to pay for custom domain unless I can get the free one after I link it with freenom for 12 months free domain but the problem is the free one does not come with SSL so my page wont open on chrome. If you mean the copyright symbol, it works for me. Thank you bro for feedback :slight_smile:

Great point too, I will look into that :+1::+1: thank you for feedback

try to fit your cv into 2 pages :slight_smile: good luck for the job search

Great portfolio! I would change the cursor to pointer for your social media links at the bottom of your page. Good luck!

I agree and will look into that. thank you for feedback.