Review my resume/portfolio please

Hello my name is Harpreet Singh. I would love it if you can review my resume and portfolio and tell me where I can improve. Thank You


I didn’t have time to check your portfolio but your resume needs a lot of work.

Check out this link. It has a lot of good resources to make your resume more professional


Thanks. I’ll check it out.

#Whoosh You’re from Texas! :smiley: I’m from Carrollton, TX. I have few suggestions on your portfolio. Keep mind of design. In general as a Front-End Web Developer or Web Designer, you’ll definitely be judged on attention of details. So shorten the width of your about container and not having text-align to center. Having a smaller container can make your content feel bigger verse a full width container with content all-in-one line & barely making a second. Think about adding a profile picture next to your content, it helps employers to give a face when reading the section.

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A Medium article on how to write a resume:


In the nav bar of your portfolio, the Skills and Contact links do not work for me. Testing this in Firefox 47.0.

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Thank you for the review. I will make the recommend changes. Can you also tell me if I have a chance of getting hired as a front end dev, based on my projects.

It’s very hard to tell. Definitely at a entry level position. For Junior Web Developer, if you can improve the UI Design on a few projects.


Yea UI design is my weak point. It’s hard to make a great design without using another site as a reference.

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Your projects look inconsistent. Some are impressive while others seem amateurish and broken.

Im having this feeling like you straight copy and pasted people’s projects/codes and passing them as your own. Partly because of the reason I stated above, but mostly because I’ve seen a LOT of your projects posted elsewhere before.

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Can you tell me which ones. The static site designs are from codecademys html/css projects page, but I did not copy the code I used the design as a reference.

Lol. You know which projects you actually did and which ones you copy and pasted from other sources.

The static sites, for example (all of them). They have really nice, simple ui designs that don’t transfer over to your actual portfolio. If you really did know how to make elegant static sites like you say you did, then how come your own portfolio site look far weaker than your actual projects. Your contact link is broken.

I’m 100% sure that someone can find source codes for those statics written somewhere public on the web where anyone can see them (and also take them) . You know how I know?

I did not copy the html and css for those sites. I tried to replicate them by designing it the same way. I wrote the html and css myself. But I guess your right since I did not design the site entirely myself I should take them off.