Portfolio Feedback: Would you hire me?

Just looking to get some feedback on my portfolio page before I start actually applying for jobs this month. I’ve tried to highlight my skills in React-Redux and MongoDB specifically, including one real project with real users. Anything I should tweak / fix?


This text:

I’m always looking for new opportunities to expand and development my skills and to create new and interesting things. Whether you need mobile-first web design, a complex single page app using Javascript, or full-stack development for your new company web presence, I’m looking forward to tackling the challenge. Send me a message using any of the methods listed here and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible

doesn’t fit in the page for me.

Should be fixed. Had an off by one error in a bootstrap class. Thanks!

Being a successful programmer is about more than just the technology you know. Do you know about responsive design? What about browser compatibility and performance optimization? Do you have any experience working in a team? How many years of experience do you have? Do you have any real world work, and if so, is there a case study to go along with it? Do you have any references from past clients/colleagues? What level of expertise would you consider yourself, entry-level/junior/mid-level/senior? Have you made any open source contributions?
Lastly, it took roughly 20 seconds on my LG phone to load your site, and most employers will leave your site if it doesn’t fully load in about 7 seconds if even that.
Other than that fine work dude

the text at the bottom explaining your work should have a background color different from the body color.
the button at the top right (in mobile) does not collapse back - should be able to toggle instead once clicked it stays in that position.

I would say it’s too early, but definitely looks like you’re practicing, which is always good.

keep it up and happy coding!

I just build a portfolio using react (http://ericsmithportfolio.com/) and redux, and I can tell you that it is not something many employers really look at. Nor, do they care about seeing examples of small site. I’m from Seattle, so it could be different, but most want to see real experience. To get real world experience just start building stuff. Just don’t build it, though, make sure you ship it.

With that said, I don’ think you would get a job in Seattle based off just a portfolio. It may work fine where you live though. So I guess take what I say with a grain of sault.

Your portfolio is SUPER sexy bro… I can say bro after that because of how sexy it is… Its sexy… and beautiful…

sexy beautiful

your website is seautiful.