Portfolio Feedback. Am I job ready?

Hello dear friends,

For the past 7 months I have been focusing on learning front-end web development. I have completed first 4 certificate programs on freecodecamp and watched some courses and tutorials on Udemy, Scrimba and Youtube.

Currently my tech stack is Javascript, React, HTML5, CSS, Sass (SCSS), Bootstrap, D3.js, Git. And I have some understanding of Redux, jQuery, BEM. And also some basic knowledge previously learnt in Python and SQL.

So I have created a portfolio site with all my front-end projects and hosted it on Github Pages. It is basically the main portfolio website that has links on separately deployed 16 projects that I have worked on (everything should be mobile friendly and work well on bigger resolution screens as well). All projects were built with React and using Create-React-App.

Could you please checkout my portfolio website and provide some feedback? Please let me know if you find any bugs or design issues.

And also based on what you see, could you tell me whether am I ready to start looking for a job as a junior developer or there are some things that you would recommend to work on (whether some other technology to learn or improve my knowledge in my current stack).

Deployed website: konstantinkrumin.github.io
My code and documentation: github repository

Konstantin :slight_smile:


Privet Kostantin! I really like your portfolio! I think I will integrate some of your display ideas into mine ;). I liked how easy it is to navigate through and download your resume or toggle between active sites and the code. Good job! I don’t have a lot of criticism, but since you’re looking for feedback, I think you should add a little to your resume or intro page about what you are interested in working on, or maybe even highlight skills in progress. I’m using a huge monitor and I thought the display buttons of your projects were a little small (esp because of the dark color scheme) and the margins are a little big - maybe you can make the buttons bigger? Actually I know you can do that :). One thing you could add there as well is either a very short description of what the app is/does or what it’s made using. You could put a little caption at the bottom of the box or have a popup during mouse over. Again criticisms are only meant as useful feedback because it looks great!

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It’s a nice website. If you invest a couple more weeks into making projects you could get the legacy full stack cert and have more to add to the resume… the remainder is microservices and apis, the first three projects in quality assurance and the first two in information security.

You’re ready to apply for jobs though no doubt.

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These are awesome! Helping Inspire me to keep going!
My only feedback that I can see(I am viewing your site on my iPhone via the Firefox app) is that on the profile page, when I scroll all the way to the bottom, the bottom bar cuts off half the cards for your bottom two projects.
Other than that the site looks amazing.
Definitely job ready from what I can see.

Even though I am a noob, your work matches the industry level as I see
the internet in daily browsing. I am also inspired from you man, great job.

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Privet Anne! Thank you so much, I’ll definitely integrate your suggestions into my code :slight_smile:

Thank you so much for your feedback!

Thank you so much my Canadian fellow (could see Koodoo on your screenshot)! :slight_smile:

Thank you so much man!