Portfolio - Is it job ready?

Hello, I would like some feedback on my portfolio.

I am planning to start applying for jobs. Do you think the portfolio is good enough to show to potential employees?

I haven’t finished my resume yet, but I will add it later. I have no professional experience or education related to programming.

All I’ve learned was on the FCC and a boot camp where they taught us how to make a WordPress site.
portfolio: https://portfolio-258415.appspot.com/

Any comments are much appreciated!

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Hello and welcome to the forum :slight_smile:!

It needs more content, IMO. You could add Your certifications and/or embed the projects You’ve done on codepen.io for the freecodecamp curriculum (if any). There is a problem with really small screens, where the content just doesn’t fit the screen, although it shouldn’t be a problem for the people we aim to hire us (I doubt they will have small screens devices :stuck_out_tongue:).

With that said, I would try to get hired only because You seem to be a good front end developer (you have design skills and can write code), which may be sufficient.

Try, You won’t lose anything :slight_smile:.

I was planning to add more projects, but they still need polishing. And I’ll fix the issue with small screens.
Thank you for the feedback:)

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It looks good, though I find the screen a little empty, especially on larger monitors.

You’ve done a great job! I was a little confused at first with the floating card. It looks amazing, But it took me a while to realize the links in the nav bar.

Only feedback i’ll add is to have your Projects link on the main page card.

And maybe a small typo in the Calculator card; “gloving”

Thank you, guys! I appreciate you looking into it. I’ve fixed the typo. Will be adding more content